Lombex Light Strip | Review

We’ve already reviewed the Phillips Hue lighting system, and the Lombex WiFi Smart LED Bulb, so now it’s the turn of the Lombex Light Strip, which we have to say, is an excellent purchase. As with the Lombex WiFi Smart LED Bulb, the main difference between this light and the Hue is you don’t need a bridge to get it to work, but other than that it’s pretty similar when it comes to setting the bulb up. First off you’ll need to hold down the button on the attached sensor and then power off, once you plug it in again the strip will flash blue, allowing the Lombex app, which you should already have downloaded, to find it. It couldn’t be more straightforward really.

Should you plan to set the bulb up with Alexa, then you’ll need to enable the Lombex skill and also search for new devices. Once this simple step is done it’ll work pretty well.

As soon as you have the light strip set up, you’ll notice the various features on offer. First up you can choose between colours using the colour range sensor, which is attached to the cable and can be stuck to the wall, or you can use the app, allowing for more options such as giving you access to the Dark/Bright and Bright/Plain slider. I have to say at its brightest the Phillips Hue wins this test, however, this is still an excellent light and at its brightest will fill your room. The colours do seem richer and more varied on the Hue, although I’m not sure if this comes down to the design of the Lombex app which doesn’t seem to offer as much choice when it comes to choosing colours.

These small issues aside, the bulb does everything you would expect, offering various colours which will easily add atmosphere to a small room. In addition, you are also able to choose between a few scenes, such as night, reading, soft and of course the likes of rainbow and party, which will cycle between the colours – perfect when listening to music or having a party. There is also a timer available, should you wish to turn the lights on or off at specific times.

What’s fantastic about the Lombex Light Strip is that it works perfectly with Alexa. I found it best to rename it when found via the app (In my case to ‘second room’), allowing me to tell Alexa to turn the second room light on/off or change the colours to whatever I chose. There were no issues whatsoever in Alexa finding the light strip or things not working, so it passed this test with flying colours.

It has to be said the Lombex Light Strip, while not as high quality as its Phillips equivalent,  offers a fantastic alternative. It works brilliantly with Alexa, has a wide range of colours and is very easy to set up. The Phillips Hue Light Strip costs a lot more, so if you’re after a cheaper alternative you likely won’t be disappointed with this light.

Lombex Light Strip


Our Rating



  • Bright
  • Lots of Colours
  • Works with Alexa
  • Looks Great


  • App could be better designed