Soundpeats Headphones (B10U, B30 and B50) | Review

SoundPEATS may or may not be a name you’ve heard of when it comes to headphones. It’s fair to say they are a cheaper alternative to the big name brands, but just because they save you money doesn’t mean you sacrifice a lot of quality.

We’ve been sent three sets of SoundPEATS. The B10U stereo headphones, the B30 stereo headphones, and the B50 headphones. All three sets of these headphones are wired and all three also come in at under £20 each, with the B30’s being the most expensive of the three. 

Starting with the B10U headphones, which come in at an impressive £9.99 and we have to say we’re pretty impressed. These headphones come with a mic, allowing you to answer calls, or hang up, while also being able to start and stop your music. If there is one flaw in this respect it’s that you can’t control the volume, which seems like an oversight, although given the lower cost it’s hard to complain too much.

As far as the sound goes we’ve been very impressed, with music sounding clear and the bass being perfectly acceptable. No other sound seems to leak in either, so these headphones pretty much tick all the boxes as far as performance goes. The sound quality for calls also seems to be very clear, although we have noticed that after around a week of use they have started to crackle a little. Overall though, for comfort, sound quality and at the price of £9.99, we’re pretty impressed.

When it comes to the B50 headphones, they are designed slightly different in how they fit on the outer ear. A small clip fits comfortably into your ear, with different sizes being provided to ensure the most comfortable fit for you. The headphones are also magnetic, allowing you to stick them together when not in use, which should hopefully avoid them tangling since no case is included in the packaging.

There is no mic or controls included on the B50 headphones, which is a shame, however, you still get some fantastic sound quality, while they seem slightly more durable than the B10U’s. Personally, I was pretty impressed with the deep level of bass provided, while also enjoying the crisp, clear sound, although given there is no mic these headphones aren’t for me personally, as I often use my phone and it’s a bit awkward trying to answer your phone at the gym when the function is not built into your headphones.

Still, if you are on a budget and want some good quality headphones for purely listening to music, then at under £12, you can’t really go wrong here.

Finally, we move on to the B30 headphones, which in my opinion are the most impressive of all. It starts with the box, which is square, sleek and flat and when opened up you are met with a beautifully designed pair of headphones which stand out thanks to their chrome coloured tint, complimented by a red inner, which is slightly hidden by the rubber ear pieces. You also have a lovely leather pouch to hold your headphones, all of which scream out quality before you even try them on.

When you delve further into the box you’ll notice plenty of size options when it comes to the earpieces, allowing for the perfect fit. I was so excited to try them on that I used the default size, which seemed a perfect fit for me anyway.

Once again the sound is hard to fault, with deep bass and a clear crisp sound for both music and call quality, although I’m sad to report there is still no volume control on the mic, with only the option to start/stop the music and answer calls. It’s such a shame as otherwise, the quality here is hard to argue with. I’m also very surprised that the B30 headphones are once again available for just under £15, which seems quite incredible really.

While none of the above headphones are comparable to the top end when it comes to listening to your music, it’s still fair to say that for the price and quality on offer, these headphones can easily compete with the higher budget, mid-range models. If only they had a volume control, I’d most likely recommend them over these mid-range models.

Soundpeats B30


Our Rating



  • Low Price
  • Good Quality Sound
  • Well Designed


  • Missing a Volume Control